Flicker to Fire (Crimson Sash Book 3) by Amanda Marin – Review by Lisa Helmick

Flicker to Fire (Crimson Sash, #3)Flicker to Fire by Amanda Marin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

At the beginning of this I am devastated that these two, who have been through so much, are again facing similar problems. I thought they were finally going to get their well deserved happy ever after..then as the story progresses we find out secrets and surprises that make it all worth it. Making this is the perfect ending to this series! I was pleased to book back up with Micah and Neve to see how they were doing. It was lovely seeing the emotions that run between Micah and Neve. The compassion that Micah and all the Sufferers are capable of just never fails to amaze me.

The story is wonderful. We meet many new characters and say hello to some past ones. I am sad but glad this series is over because I am not sure my heart could handle much more. I said it from book one. These two characters were beautifully written. They really make you believe and feel for them. The Epilogue is a nice final look.

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