Repair (Rescue Me Book 1) by Trish Williford – Review by Lorrene Huisman

Repair (Rescue Me #1; The Everyday Heroes World)Repair by Trish Williford
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This is literally a book I am going to recommend to everyone. The story was so good, it had a dash of touching moments as well as romantic drama and and inner pain among the characters that you could not help but feel for!

This book literally hooked me from the start. It showed me yes sometimes life can be a jerk especially when all is going perfect, and sometimes too perfect and everything you know and well trust and love comes crashing down on you and you do not know how to figure where to go in the fork in the road, but yet sometimes that decision is the very best one you could possibly make, without even knowing it!

This was exactly what happened to a lead character whom had the preference to go by the name of Charlie. She had the perfect life. A good job. Wonderful fiancé whom loved her so, and their wedding fast approaching. In a blink of an eye all of that and more in her soul as well as her heart was gone. Her wonderful husband to be ended up being a liar in more ways than one and Charlie was left in the end with a broken heart. And having to pick up the pieces onto where to start over again and basically continue on with this thing we call life.

Charlie goes back to her home town, a town she wanted to leave and forget and never think of re visiting. There are some good memories there sure, but as well as some painful ones that would very much possibly mess up her injured heart even more.

In this town contains whom we call Tank. A extremely close friend of her brother who she is very close to. Tank and Charlie were the couple that could have bee, maybe should have been, and never really got a chance to find out if they are meant to be. Tank was his own person. I believe he knew gaining any sort of feelings for his best friends sister was off the table, but does that still make it impossible to avoid? Tank was a man of a good heart, but also had his own issues he has to work through. He had a rough time growing up and had a bad opinion of himself, and basically felt he deserved nothing, but did he ever stop to think of the girl who simply adored him named Charlie? What under her smile did she think?

Charlie and Tank shared more than the lines of friendship than most do. They cared more for one another than the other every realized. They gave one another what ever they needed at times, hope, a shoulder to cry on, support, someone to vent to, and maybe even the greatest gift of all, an ability to repair each others heart and heal it so much they would never need anything else but the embrace of one another. They had a one night stand in the past adventures together. Quite possibly the most passionate and true night of happiness that either of them could ever hope or ever want to experience. Sadly being such close friends they closed that door and never wanted to re open it. Or did they?

As the story progressed on, the characters grew more and more and I got more and more sucked in I loved the character developments. Especially what I saw in Charlie and Tank. They both changed in different ways in strength and their heart. The biggest impact they had on me was when they finally through out everything realized how much they loved one another and basically truly deserved one another. And did not hold back on anything. And basically everything fell into place, it was as if this is what was meant to be, destiny, and this time no one was ever going to take it away.

Again this book was so easy to fall in love with. I will happily read more by this wonderful author. The story had that kind touch as well as that sexy passion I love reading in a good drama love story. I highly recommend this, and I assure you, you are going to be clapping for Tank and Charlie as much as I did, because I think we maybe all can think back of an chance missed or that we didn’t take, what would happen if we had a second chance? Would you really wanna pass it up again?

Loved it truly. It made me sleep easy upon completion. It was a book to end, that made me smile.

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