Enchanted Passion (The Protectors Series Book 4) by Toya Richardson – Review by Angela Hayes

Enchanted Passion The Protectors Series Book 4Enchanted Passion The Protectors Series Book 4 by Toya Richardson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Enchanted Passion is the fourth book in The Protectors Series by Toya Richardson. This is a great friend-to-lovers paranormal romance, with mystery, the Protector community, witches, shifters, the supernatural, magic, elemental powers, risks, danger, drama, and high stakes
Here we meet Luna and her best friend, Rhys. Luna has been having bad nightmares that have left her feeling on edge and with a powerful sense of impending doom. Is there more to her dreams than she realises? Having had a troubled past, what will happen when that past now threatens everything she holds dear? Where does Rhys fit in all of this? It’s worth the read to find out.
My pick of the series, so far!

Thank you, Toya Richardson!


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