Remember My Name (Remember My Name Series Book 1) by Laurencia Hoffman – Review by Kerry Carr

Remember My NameRemember My Name by Laurencia Hoffman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow this was a story I wasn’t expecting but I really enjoyed. It was an emotional roller coaster.

Shane has suffered in his life, from abuse at the hands of his father to the heartbreak of his first love and other losses and heartbreak in between. All this has turned Shane into a cold, hard person who is happier pushing people away than confiding in them.

When he bumps into his first love Callen again they want to rekindle their failed relationship but with Shane holding so many secrets and being so hard to get close to will Callen be able to break down his walls and boundaries or will the constant coldness end up pushing Callen away for good.

Its a strong emotional story and shows that secrets and heartbreak can cause a person to change. It also shows that sometimes keeping secrets isn’t the right way to deal with things.

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