Big City Heat: A High-Rise Romance Anthology (A Steamy Contemporary Romance Box Set) – Review by Carrie Reed

Big City Heat: A High-Rise Romance AnthologyBig City Heat: A High-Rise Romance Anthology by Hazel Storm
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Stars!

Excellent box set. I really enjoyed these different stories and that there were many authors that contributed. I had three top favorites, One Night With A Knight by Aidy Award, 44th & Blue by Jodi Payne and Courtney by Jayce Ellis. The first book because I enjoy a curvy woman finding her true love, and the second two because I drool for MM romance.

In One Night With A Knight, I love that the story is about a plus sized woman Camila, who is a cook and she meets her love from high school again as an adult. Hudson never got over his first love and with a chance meeting with her again at a club, he will not let her go this time. The story shows Camila struggling at a one point with someone calling her big and how her man came to her defense, my heart broke for her but Hudson was there and is all for the curve!

44th & Blue, After meeting Ben, Cole wants nobody else, he can’t stop thinking about Ben. Ben feels the same way but when Ben moves to his new office and realizes Cole is the one working on the offices, he is terrified of mixing business with pleasure. At one point my heart fell thinking Ben was about to be a big jerk and leave Cole, but he bounced back with a nice apology and finally toughened up and realized he wanted Cole in his life.

Courtney, It is so cute that both men in this book have “female names”. This one touched a little on how Courtney was away from his family for a long time because his dad could not accept that he was gay, showing that his dad finally came around. It is sweet that Tracey hasn’t full come to terms with his sexuality and a push from his brother’s boyfriend and the insistence of a date from Courtney opens that door wide open for him.

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