CAFE CONFIDENTIAL: An unfiltered and intimate memoir by Lynda Filler

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CAFE CONFIDENTIAL: An unfiltered and intimate memoir by Lynda Filler Author
Genre – Memoir, Self-help, Adventure (travel)
Page Count – 191 pages
In 2018 three things happened that changed my life. First, I met a book critic from New Delhi on Goodreads, and we became very good friends. That same summer I spent a very long night on a flight to Paris and chatted the entire way with a young Muslim man who was on his way to Amman, Jordan for a wedding. And third, both things opened my mind to a world I’d never experienced so I made a decision to liquidate my life in Mexico and travel. I bought a series of one-way airline tickets with no return destination. Café Confidential is the story of my adventures and why I’m living in Istanbul today.


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Lynda is a Canadian born baby boomer brought up in a military household. In early 2000’s she moved to Mexico and worked on magnificent resorts. In early 2019, Lynda decided to sell her worldly possessions, pack one suitcase, take her computer in her backpack and see the world. After months traveling in Europe, the Middle East, India and Malaysia, she decided to put down temporary roots in Istanbul, Turkey! World politics aligned and Lynda found plots, mystery and romance in this stunning city once known as Constantinople. The Istanbul Conspiracy is book 7 in her Code Raven series. and she is currently working on Book 8.

Her work has received awards for both Contemporary Suspense and Fiction.

When she’s not writing, you can find her walking through the parks along the Bosphorus Strait, photographing street art and the Istanbul cats, reading, listening to music, and overindulging in chocolates from the Spice Bazaar. She is currently studying Turkish but is exceedingly grateful for Google Translate!

Join her on her life-journey to parts unknown through Lynda Filler Author on Facebook or Lynda Filler Author and Creates on Instagram!

Author Interview With Lynda Filler

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