Spicetopia Boxed Set (Books 1-4) by Phoebe Alexander – Review by Jennifer Gordon

Spicetopia Boxed Set (Books #1-4)Spicetopia Boxed Set by Phoebe Alexander
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This is a boxed set of four complete stories in author Phoebe Alexander’s ‘Spicetopia’ series, “where variety is the spice of life”. Spicetopia is a theme park for adults where all your fantasies can be fulfilled, created by two entrepreneurial free spirits, “Welcome to Spicetopia”. Each book introduces us to a different couple at Spicetopia. With plenty of spice and steam in the books, this series is definitely meant for readers 18+. I thoroughly enjoyed all four stories and happily ‘binge read’ the entire Boxset one book straight after another.

Book One is ‘Sugar & Spice’, and black sheep of the family Cy Sweet goes undercover in ‘Sweetopia’, his family’s theme park. Agreeing to his father’s bribe, he gets to work serving pastries in Cotton Candy Castle, one of the park’s most popular attractions. However, when he meets ‘The Red Velvet Queen’, he is tempted to blow his cover and invents numerous reasons to visit her everyday. But Cy is not the only one in disguise as the ‘Red Queen’ is really struggling single mom Jolie Cox. I loved this couple who had instant chemistry which sizzled off the page and the added undercover boss element gave the storyline added intrigue and suspense along with the romance and steamy scenes.

Book Two, and in ‘Virtue & Vice’, Spicetopia is bought to life by two sets of couples who want to create a world for adults to have fun and indulge their grown up tastes. Cy and Jolie, from book one, have experience from the kids’ theme park ‘Sweetopia’ and we are introduced to a new couple, Moon and Katja who have the technical and architectural expertise to build the two couples dream world. As well as lots of hard work the couple also enjoy lots of adult fun and neither couple agrees with denying their vices. Alexander not only sets the scene well but also creates characters which are likeable, realistic and relatable which makes the reader feel engaged with the story and the people in them. In Book Three,’ Fire & Ice’, it’s the grand opening of ‘Spicetopia’ but someone is out to sabotage the event. Director of Security, Neve Romano, and Enya Moore, the Director of Public Relations have to work together to prevent disaster but unfortunately the pair have never previously gotten along. However, finding themselves at the mercy of a madman makes them look at each other completely differently and discover more than a spark of passion between them. The storyline has a mystery and suspense feel to it and the plot has plenty of action and drama along with the romance and steamy scenes between Neve and Enya. This novel does contain more adult themes including BDSM scenes.

Book Four, ‘Naughty & Nice’, introduces us to another likeable couple who are bought together at ‘Spicetopia’, Micah and Natalie. Micah Greene was a bit unsure of what to expect when he was asked to officiate a wedding at a theme park catering to “grown-ups.” Especially as having witnessed the consequences of his brothers promiscuity and debauchery Micah has always tried to control his own naughty thoughts and desires. When he meets the official event planner Natalie Roux, however, he finds it hard to resist thinking naughty thoughts about her. Wanting to make a great first impression Natalie needs the owner’s wedding to be a big success and having an instant attraction to the minister means the event is not the only thing on her mind. Natalie knows that to pull of the holiday wedding of the century she needs to keep her hands and mouth to herself, at least until after the wedding. Another great couple with instant chemistry and a wonderfully written story with a storyline that flows well made this an easy and enjoyable read with a festive feel to it.

This is an enjoyable and engaging Boxset which is intended for adult readers as it contains adult themes. Each book can be read as a standalone story but I think the reader would get more enjoyment if the books are read in order as the couples do crossover and the backstory to ‘Spicetopia’ is given in the earlier books in the series. I recommend the boxset and look forward to book five and getting back to ‘Spicetopia’.

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