The Last Playlist: A Sonic Epitaph by P.A. Kane

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The Last Playlist: A Sonic Epitaph by P.A. Kane
Page Count – 212 pages
Genre – Memoir/Essay/Music
When my mom passed, I found I didn’t know her beyond a typical child/parent relationship. I didn’t want that for my own children and since we always bonded over music, I thought to write some stories about my life linked to songs I found meaningful. In addition to telling stories about my life, I also relate some of the formative experiences that shaped me, as well as providing lighthearted instructions for my funeral party, at which there is to be no white wine/white claw and the music is the eighteen songs profiled in The Last Playlist.


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Growing up in a three bed/one bath house with nine siblings in Buffalo, New York it was a just the facts, assembly-line type of childhood. However, one day during my tumultuous teen years in the late seventies that all changed when my exhausted mom uncharacteristically asked several probing questions about how I was doing, what I wanted of life and how I was going to get there . . . totally confounding me. She was supposed to dish out commands and make declarative statements—take out the trash, don’t come home unless you’re bleeding, every time you masturbate it’s a hundred-years in purgatory. She wasn’t supposed ask articulate, inward looking questions. Self-examination and contemplation, was light years beyond my transactional existence.

Eventually, though, due to a certain amount of aimlessness and failure I did come to consider my mom’s questions and many more which led me to writing. Presently, I am the author of two novels Written In The Stars: The Book Of Molly (2016) and Leaving Jackson Wolf (2018) and now a book of essays, The Last Playlist: A Sonic Epitaph.

Presently I live in West Seneca, New York with my wife and my son, who is taking his good ole time finishing his bachelor’s degree. I have a State University of New York background in English and I love trade paperbacks, quiet black mornings and The Ramones.

Author Interview With P.A. Kane




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