The Sanctuary Chronicles Box Set – Book 1-3 + Novella by India Kells – Review by Michelle Austin

The Sanctuary Chronicles Box Set - Book 1-3 + NovellaThe Sanctuary Chronicles Box Set – Book 1-3 + Novella by India Kells
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Sanctuary Chronicles Box Set – Book 1-3 + Novella by India Kells was a great 5 star read.
We get a great collection of the first three books in one along with a novella.

Broken Magic:
Valeria is a witch and her father is an enforcer. She has been given the job of hunting and killing those who are a danger to the supernaturals. This is when she meets Asher, he is the head of the werewolves that she was hunting. There is a connection between these two. But….if they were to be together it could mean death. Are they willing to take that chance?
Something wacky also goes on with Valeria’s magic that causes tragedy causing her to be banished. We jump ahead a couple of years when she runs into Asher again but it’s not a pleasant visit, he has plans to kill her. Overall this was a great read with several unexpected twists and turns.

Blind Magic:
Sera is a witch who is gradually losing her sight. She is curious and likes to learn about things and she isn’t shy about asking people questions. I loved the scene where she asked Ian to turn for her so she could see how it was done.

We move forward with a great story with mystery and twist and turns. The author does a great job of pulling you in with her writing. I really liked Sera’s strength and fierceness in protecting her loved ones. The connection between Sera and Ian was great, you could feel it coming off the pages.

Dead Magic:
Finn is a very old vampire, he is at the point where he is ready to meet his maker. However, when a certain someone connects with him and asks for his help, his plans change immediately. She is the one and only person he would stay for.

Violet lost her parents to a vampire and should hate them but something about Finn pulls her in and she can’t stop thinking about him. He’s different from the others. When Finn arrives to help Violet, they discover that working together makes them stronger, can they work together to keep Violet safe and help with her internal war?

Overall this was a great read, my emotions were all over the place. The characters were all great. I love Violet and Finn’s connection.

Hidden Magic (Novella):
This is Kat and Brant’s story. These two have a great chemistry that comes off the pages.
Brant is a were-lynx and when Kat is kidnapped he is determined to find her. When he finds here will he be able to help her get through her demons and fears from her kidnapping? I really liked both characters from the start, Brant pulled me in right away with his feelings for Kat. The author does a great job of pulling you in with her writing, you feel like you’re right there with all of the characters. 1-click and get started today on this great collection. I look forward to reading more from this author.

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