Yule Lads Legend: Iceland’s Jólasveinar by Heidi Herman

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Yule Lads Legend: Iceland’s Jólasveinar by Heidi Herman
Genre – Childrens; Holiday/Christmas; Folklore/Mythology
Page Count – 36 Pages
A modern retelling of the oldest Icelandic Christmas Story. In a land where Santa doesn’t visit, these 13 trolls wreak havoc during the Christmas Season but one year something changes and they each learn about the Christmas spirit and joy of giving.


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My passion and a common theme in my writing is my Icelandic heritage. I started with children’s books and folklore, and enjoy adding a little taste of Iceland in my contemporary novels. I spent thirty years in the telecommunications industry, which was rewarding and challenging, and had a thread of writing. When my father passed away in 2015, I reassessed my priorities, opted for early retirement, and indulged my passion for writing. In the past five years, I have written several children’s folklore books, a cookbook, a novel, and a new non-fiction motivational book, all honoring my Icelandic heritage. I am a snowbird, living in South Dakota during the summer and Arizona during the winter, migrating with my husband, our four horses and three dogs. His passion for team roping and my love of rodeo has carried over into my novels, in what I hope is an interesting and unique experience for readers.

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