The Finder of the Lucky Devil (The Lucky Devil Series) AUDIO by Megan Mackie – Review by Jennifer Wolbeck

The Finder of the Lucky Devil (Lucky Devil Series Book 1)The Finder of the Lucky Devil by Megan Mackie
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I read this as an audiobook and found it enjoyable overall. This is my first adult urban fantasy/cyberpunk read, and I liked the combination between magic and technology. The strongest point of this novel is its world building. There’s so many details and lore, from the collapse of the fairy court to the house of the lucky devil himself. The magic system and concept of second sight was also exciting, and I appreciated that they had a definite class system describing the level of magic a person could use.

However, this book wasn’t without its faults. Megan Mackie and Frank Sjodin did a great job narrating, but I didn’t care for how they chose to divvy up the reading parts. I would have preferred if Megan Mackie read everything, and Frank Sjodin only read St. Benedicts lines and chapters. Sometimes they would go by thoughts or narration and it sounded off. I also didn’t care for some of Mackie’s writing choices. Some details, paragraphs and conversation could have been trimmed for the sake of pacing. For example, the beginning of the book could have introduced Rune and St. Benedict faster.

The characterizations were also very hit or miss. I didn’t care for St. Benedict for most of the book, but I loved Rune, Allie the girl dog and Taki the mermaid. The title of the book was also a cute play on words. When I first picked up The Finder of the Luck Devil, I thought it was about a girl looking for a hot guy, a “lucky devil”, but it was literally Rune using her magical talent as a finder and her title being the heir of the Magdalene and the owner of The Lucky Devil bar.

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