The Singer and Her Song (Empire at Twilight Book 2) by N.L. Holmes – Review by Jonell Collins

The Singer and Her SongThe Singer and Her Song by N.L. Holmes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’ve read many new authors this year. Above them all stands N. L. Holmes. She really is my newest favorite. I know when I pick her book up it will be a good read. They don’t always end the way I wish but isn’t that just like life. The Singer and Her Song delivers in the same way that all her books do. A world rich with the tapestry of everyday living, characters so real you feel you know them or at least someone like them. She doesn’t pull any punches with the raw emotion involved with the mundane affairs of everyday living or the inevitable crisis. Who hasn’t had a family or a family member that’s so dysfunctional it’s a poison to everyone around them? Even people that came unaware to the party. Once again this is a story set in an ancient land in an ancient time but with characters that reflect the same flaws that so many of us have in this time and place. The stage may change but the actors remain the same. Congratulations N. L. Holmes another excellent read.

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