A Sun So Bright (Reigning Hearts, Book Three) AUDIO BOOK by KG Fletcher – Review by Liz Vrchota

A Sun So Bright is the third book of the Reigning Hearts series from KG Fletcher. These books can be read or listened to completely as standalones or together in a series. I have to say I struggled with this one but only for a bit. The main female lead, Fiona, is not one that I wanted to like. Darn it all to hades though by the end Fletcher had me feeling all the feels and completely hooked on her as a person. She really grew into a woman I completely never thought possible in those early chapters. I am so glad I stuck with it and was able to see how this sweet little love story played out. I am excited to see what the next book in the series will bring. I am sure it will be its own sweet soul female lead with a completely new spin just like this one and the books before it.


Review by @lizaileen

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