Beckoned (Born of Darkness Book 1) by R. B. Fields – Review by Rosanna Ingram

Beckoned (Born of Darkness, Book 1)Beckoned by R.B. Fields
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I found myself finishing this book quickly because I could not put it down.

Dawn is a nurse who finds herself stalking the streets at night to hunt down serial killers. However, her latest hunt finds her fighting a vampire. When another vampire steps in and kills one of his own to protect Dawn, neither he nor Dawn are safe. However, when Silas brings Dawn home to protect them both…his housemates have their reservations. As time passes, they all start coming to the conclusion that there is more to Dawn than meets the eye…and they can’t agree if that is a good thing or a bad thing. It doesn’t help that all 4 vampires are sexy and Dawn can’t seem to keep her hands (among other parts) off of them. When another hive of vampires come seeking vengeance for their member’s death…it is obvious they they want Dawn. Will Silas and the other defend her against their own kind…or is she more trouble than she’s worth?

I really liked the back and forth between Dawn and the guys…even surly Markula. I definitely want to read the rest of the series now because I need to know how it all plays out!

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