Ocean’s Light (Blood of the Pirate BOOK 1) by Mina Chara

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Ocean’s Light (Blood of the Pirate BOOK 1) by Mina Chara
Genre – Pirate, fantasy, action adventure
Cover Designer – Mina Chara (twitter: @emcaysea Instagram: @emcaysea)
As a baby Evie Waters was left at the steps of a church with one possession, a treasure map. When she turns nineteen she has the choice of being inducted into the church or going after the one thing her parents gave her, she chooses the latter. Evie sets off to hire a crew, only for to be kidnapped (and her map taken) by the pirate crew of the Easy Money.


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Mina’s family told her to write her own bio, something about how she doesn’t like dark gritty superhero movies (she doesn’t) or tales of the dystopian future, but really, there isn’t very much more to say. She’s a profoundly boring young adult, and a good Scottish girl who wants to do a job that won’t suck out her soul, help her parents to retire, and one day buy her mother a smart car like she always wanted.

Author Interview With Mina Chara





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