The World Beyond the Walls: epic dystopian eco-fantasy (Natural Forces Book 3) by Jean Gill – Review by Meg Tyrrell

The World Beyond the WallsThe World Beyond the Walls by Jean Gill
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’ve read the other two books and was in love, this one was fantastic. I can’t say enough about Melitta’s story. You really do need to read these in order, so if you haven’t go start book 1! This one focuses a lot on the walls and everyone around her, which rounds out the stories very well. I love each character, even the bad ones. They play a great role and are important for each little situation that helps the greater plot. Some of my favorite characters is Verity, and I can’t get into details but she’s boss lol. Please read these in order, if you don’t, you won’t understand everything you need to. It’s fantastic and elegantly written.

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