Auctioned (Billionaire Bodyguards Book 3) by Via Mari – Review by Kerry Carr

Auctioned (Billionaire Bodyguards Book 3)Auctioned by Via Mari
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I enjoyed this book. It is the 3rd book in the Billionaire Bodyguards series. Even though the characters are linked in previous books  but they are so well written that they can be read as a standalone. The characters are well evolved that you feel like you are living in their lives. This story contains everything i love danger, steamy romance and an attraction that should not be.

Bryanna has been caught in a trafficking ring. The captors have someone on her that means she can’t leave them. Even when she is rescued by Damian.

Damian  has been sent to rescue her my his employer Jenny. He knows it’s going to be a challenge but what he doesn’t know and realise is that the attraction between him and his assignment would be so strong.
Can Damian save Bryanna from the captors? Will Bryanna trust him enough to allow herself to be rescued? Can the attraction between them become something more or is this just got to be strictly business?

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