Southland Academy for Supernatural Youth by Sandra Tentler and Brooke Tentler

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Southland Academy for Supernatural Youth by Sandra Tentler and Brooke Tentler
Genre – Middle Grade 9-12, Paranormal, Humor
Page Count – 164 pages
When random items turn up missing from the rooms of the students of Southland Academy for Supernatural Youth, six friends try to solve the mystery and find the valuable items.
Meet Vlad, the son of the world’s most famous vampire, who is accident prone and has a serious aversion to blood. Devlin, the werewolf shifter who can’t figure out how to fully shift. Lily, the daughter of the most well-respected warlock, whose nervous stutter causes spells to backfire on her. Amber, the ferret shifter who has a new pet that isn’t all it seems. Fiona, the quick-witted snow owl shifter and Sakana, the black-tip shark shifter, also pitch in along the way.
Adding to the mystery, Lily’s new familiar, Sheba, a hairless cat with a sassy attitude, always seems to disappear at the wrong times.


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Sandra and Brooke are a mother-daughter team who love to come up with fantastical characters and add humor to everything they do. They live in the Midwest with their close-nit family and furbaby.


Brooke is a middle school student who loves to draw animals and anime characters. She has an extensive knowledge of all critters big and small and hopes to one day work in a rescue setting. She’s the youngest twin by six minutes.


Sandra is married to the love of her life, enjoys writing, crafting, and spending time with her family. She has three children, one grandchild, and a dog named Dragon.



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