An Unexpected Bonding (The Unexpected Trilogy Book 1) by Lilly Rayman

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An Unexpected Bonding (The Unexpected Trilogy Book 1) by Lilly Rayman
Genre – Paranormal, romance, western
Page Count – 395 pages
Cover Designer – Taylor Dawn
For centuries there has been hatred, bloodshed and killing between the vampire and wolf nations, only change is in the air and the Fae has a knack for interfering.
Now, events that have been foretold by the faerie are finally coming. Livvie, daughter of the Romulus pack’s Alpha has been living away from the pack in Texas for the last ten years. After running the cattle ranch she inherited from her late fiance is she ready to embrace the changes that the arrival of Darius at Thunder Hollow heralds?
Darius, a wandering vampire and son of the Egyptian Sun God Ra, is restless. Even he does not understand the magnetic pull from the beautiful women he ends up working for. It’s only when she is taken from him, that he recognises a bond that is stronger than all others. The truth of that bond will shake him to his core.
Will the unexpected bonding between wolf and vampire be enough to overcome the centuries of hatred and bring peace and unity to all?
Will the wolf and the vampire overcome their own heartaches to accept their bonding and let romance evolve?
Best Work and Most Popular Work in the iParchment writing rally 2014.


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British born, now Australian, Lilly Rayman writes steamy paranormal romance and hot historical fantasy for Leilani Indie Publishing. In 2014, she won iParchment’s best work and most popular work for An Unexpected Bonding. As a wife, mother, and farmer, when she’s not writing she’s reading or cooking delicious meals from scratch; her kitchen always smells of fresh bread or pizza.

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