Antipodes by T.S. Simons – Review by Lizzie Chapman Gough

AntipodesAntipodes by T.S. Simons
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It was almost ironic to read a book about a world during a deadly virus outbreak whilst we are currently in the grip of a global pandemic due to a deadly virus outbreak. When a water borne virus begins to kill people in the thousands all across the world, Cam is one of 300 hundred people chosen to live in a dome covered colony on an island in the hope to preserve human life on the planet. I saw many similarities in this book such as sustainability, community living. etc that are buzzwords at the moment of how we can have a more secure future on earth. I found this book interesting and the premise is good. The characters were well thought out. However, I did find the lengthy descriptions hard to keep up with at times and almost got a bit lost with the actual plot.

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