Ready For Flynn, Part 1 (Ready for Flynn Series) Audio Book by K.L. Shandwick – Review by Charlisa Wahtomy-Alba

Valerie is a 15-year-old who developed a crush on her brothers roommate when he was brought home for Thanksgiving. Sparks fly between the two, but Flynn is warned off by her brother. Because of his love and respect for his roommate he doesn’t act on his feelings. Flynn feels that the best course of action is to leave Valerie alone until she is ready to move forward with a relationship if she so chooses. At first she is upset that he left without a good-bye, but over time she does her best to get over him. She soon starts to date a young man that she grew up with and whom her family seems to like very well. Flynn of course has always been in the back of her mind and she has kept up to date with him once she found out he dropped out of school to become a rock star. When tragedy strikes and she loses several people she loves in an accident, Flynn is there by her side to help her though it all. Will there ever be a time when he doesn’t answer her call? He is a big celebrity now and has millions of people watching every aspect of his life while Valerie is a small town girl living on a farm. Listening to all the heartache that Valerie endured while she was going through her teen years was tough. I admit I cried a bit, but there were also moments that made me smile and laugh. I enjoy reading books, but to hear the emotion behind words is sometimes more powerful than what is written on the page. Both the author and narrator did a great job bringing these characters to life and making them relatable.

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