Seductive Prey (Relentless #1) by Vivian Fiano – Review by Carly Vogler

Seductive Prey (Relentless #1)Seductive Prey by Vivian Fiano
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Seductive Prey by Vivian Fiano is the first in The Relentless Trilogy. With the story ending on a cliffhanger, it’s hard to get out of your mind when you finish it. Jordan and Grant meet during time with the National Guard, but because of their ranks, they are not allowed to have a relationship.

As they return to normal lives, their paths cross once again. When Jordan has an issue at the dance studio, Officer Grant is the one to respond. After deciding to pursue their love, threats start coming in. Who is behind the threats? Can they be together with the pressures of their careers and ranks?

Review by Carly Vogler

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