The Don (Her Three Immortals Book 1) by Hazel Storm

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The Don (Her Three Immortals Book 1) by Hazel Storm
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Genre – Romance, Fantasy, Reverse Harem
Page Count – 220 pages
Cover Designer – Alex Hayes
I’m Vanessa and I have this thing I do that brings out the inner beauty in people. Can’t really
explain it; I just do it — but my talent seems to have ticked off a goddess or two.
And I’ve no idea why.
My first major lesson in life came when my billionaire father left us — with nothing.
Thanks, Dad.
That’s when I realized there are only two types of men: angels and — yeah — the other “A”
Mind you, I’m about to meet a few guys who might, actually, be both.
Hard to imagine, huh?
First off, Grey. He’s the Don of the Underworld. And being an a-hole is pretty much part of the
job. But as you might imagine, he’s sexy as Hell.
Then, there’s Aroz — literally an angel — with the whole nine yards…golden wings, lusty love
arrows, and to-die-for lips as curvaceous as his well-strung bow…which isn’t the only thing of
his that’s well-strung, by the way.
And finally, Raef. Meeting him turned my attitude toward men on its head. And as good as
forced me to add a third category to the list. Gentlemen.
Now, I’ve got three categories and three sexy-as-sin men.
Well, I guess there are worse problems to have…
Oh, wait. I might have a few of those, too.


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Hazel Storm writes stories about love between characters with conscience. Over the past two decades, she has been vegan, raw vegan and vegetarian. She loves hot yoga and cool martial arts.

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