The Eclipse Dancer by Laura Koerber

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The Eclipse Dancer by Laura Koerber
Genre – Magical realism, women’s literature. Literary fiction
Page Count – 200 pages
Andy, the survivor of a painful childhood, has returned to the house of her youth to care for her dying mother. And there, immersed in the memories of love, death, revenge, and rage, she struggles to find peace.


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I live on a island in the Puget Sound with my husband and my dogs. I am a retired teacher, presently doing in -home care for disabled people while volunteering at a dog rescue

My degree is in art, and I am a painter, graphic artist, and ceramic sculptor. The writing started about five years ago, a surprise to me and everyone who knows me, since I had never written anything before. I think I learned to write by reading. I am a voracious omnivore of books.

Author Interview With Laura Koerber




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