The Web of Humanity by Maria Turchin – Review by Amber Flory

The Web of Humanity: A NovelThe Web of Humanity: A Novel by Maria Turchin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

If I had a physical copy of this book, I would shelve it next to The Book Thief by Markus Zusak and Go Down To Silence by G. K. Belliveau. I LOVED this book (with 1-2 exceptions mentioned at the end.) the story grabbed me and kept me with it. I agree with the author that sometimes we need to be reminded of the ugly in life. We need to remember and feel the ugly from the past to try to avoid it’s recurrence. We need to see the ugly in ourselves to stop it and change it. We also need to see the ugly around us to truly appreciate the beauty. I really loved this story, and the author delivered the story in a wonderful package, until the middle. The story has a very nice ending about 60% of the way through the book, and then the flow gets choppy. It felt like she chopped one book towards the end, plugged in a completely different story, and added the first ending back on after to try to tie them together. The second section is a different genre (action/adventure instead of historical fiction), and has a random stop in narrative to add in an unnecessary sex scene. if not for the strange flow and change of character, I would have readily given this book 5 stars! As it is, the story will stick with me and influence my decisions for life.


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