Wild Vamp (Jaded Vamp Book 2) by L.D. Wosar – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur.

Wild Vamp: Jaded Vamp Series Book 2Wild Vamp: Jaded Vamp Series Book 2 by L.D. Wosar
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This is for those over 18 only due to adult content within.

Kaysee Belluomo is a vampire, but she isn’t just any vampire, she is the head of the Milite Coven along with her husband Dominic Belluomo and they are the elite of the elite of vampires, but one day in 2030 that changed when they were made aware of an individual who was creating a hybrid of a lycan and a vampire to create a new super race of supernaturals. Unfortunately, reports were that slowly but surely, they were taking over the USA and recruiting to their coven with the promise of power and a better life and most were taking the vampire in charge of it up on his offer because of his talent for persuasion. On this particular day they had invaded the Milite Coven headquarters and that is not something that Kaysee is impressed with in the slightest, however, her husband’s reluctance to do anything apart from strategise and make plans has Kaysee all riled up and after blood.

Forty years later and Kaysee’s predictions have come true and the Milite Coven have moved to Las Vegas in the hopes that they can find a food source and stay one step ahead of the hybrids following them, however, this plan hasn’t worked and the Coven’s members have diminished from over a hundred to six including Kaysee, her husband and her son. As they go hunting for hybrids in McCarran Airport Kaysee is still being undermined by the men in the Coven and she is getting sick of it, however, because she is a deadly fighting machine and completely head over heels with her husband, she goes along with the plan, albeit reluctantly, however, on one of these hunting trips things start to go wrong. After they have returned to the hotel and Kaysee finds out that her son has spoken to the leader of the enemy and has some opinions on him that don’t quite match up to his parents one, an argument ensues and loyalties are questioned and the next day while going to confront said leader, they split into teams and some split off on their own, however, when the time comes to leave, some of her Coven are captured and turned into more of the hybrid puppets. Due to this unexpected loss, the Belluomo’s decide to recruit some newborns from a group of humans who are still left in Las Vegas, so after they feed, they start taking the group back one by one to rebuild the Milite Coven back up.

When two of the missing coven members return to their home base, one is completely won over and the other is the opposite, enhanced, but still loyal to a fault, so when they are ambushed by hybrids and lycans alike on home turf, Kaysee does everything in her power to protect those who are left, however, her husband is kidnapped and flown out of the USA and overseas to Europe. Kaysee is devastated and retreats into herself for a few days before snapping back out of it and planning the rescue of the two men she loves most. Will Kaysee be able to successfully rescue her husband and son all while wiping out the rest of the Hybrid Coven, or will the past come back to haunt them and reduce their plans to cinders? This is a rip roaring romp of a paranormal romance with passion, violence and sex throughout which leaves you on no doubt of who is in charge and what happens when a female vampire is scorned.

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