Alamir (Blood of Kaos Series Book 1) by Nesa Miller

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Alamir (Blood of Kaos Series Book 1) by Nesa Miller
Page Count – 320 pages
Genre – Dark Fantasy
Etain thought her dad’s stories of the Alamir as fairy tales, anecdotes about supernatural humans created to pacify the wild imaginings of a child. She never considered them an education much less preparation for her destiny.
Until a red-eyed assassin murders her family.
Scared and alone, she’s taken in by a small clan and learns their warrior ways. Moving up the ranks quickly, Etain soon realizes it will take more than a sword and her newfound powers to track down the demon.
A perilous encounter with the warrior chieftain, Lord Darknight, could be a life-changer or the death of her.
Alamir is the first novel in the action-packed Blood of Kaos Series. If you like not-so-perfect protagonists, action, and adventure, you’ll love Nesa Miller’s dark fantasy series.


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I’m just a girl in the world – of writing. Originally, I hail from the great state of Texas but have been in jolly old England for the last few years. The beautiful UK has had an amazing impact on my writing, especially since the Blood of Kaos Series starts in Wales. How exciting it is to experience a real castle – whether it be a ruin or not. And the historical architecture is astounding. It changes your whole perspective, as well as raising a lot of questions. Usually, about this time, the author details all their writing accomplishments, awards, and honors. Me? I just write what I enjoy. I hope you will enjoy it, too.

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