Dirty Kisses and Conflicting Wishes (Kiss Me book 1) by Danielle Jacks-Review by Amanda Kimble

Dirty Kisses and Conflicting WishesDirty Kisses and Conflicting Wishes by Danielle Jacks
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5/5 Stars

Dirty Kisses and Conflicting Wishes (Kiss me Book 1) by Danielle Jacks

This isn’t the first book I’ve read by Jacks. She keeps her readers coming back and I’m glad to be one of those readers. Dirty Kisses and Conflicting Wishes is the first book in the Kiss Me Series, but can be read as a standalone.

Zoe is loving her chance in the big city, but it all comes crashing down. She loses her job, her boyfriend, and a roof over her head. When she runs into her brothers ex-best friend. The quote I chose for Zoe is: “We didn’t have a chance at a happy ever after. I should’ve never let our fake dating get out of hand. I’m sorry we led you on, but you need to come to terms with it being over.”

Damien runs into the last person he ever thought he’d see. When things come up he finds himself saying they are engaged. Then things get even worse. The quote I chose for Damien is: “At least I know why she’s suddenly resilient to my charms. Tomorrow, I’m going to drop something off at your house. Your job is to make sure she opens it and follows the instructions.”

Highly recommended for Contemporary Romance lovers.

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