First, We Kill All the Lawyers (Donovan Trait Series) by Seelie Kay – Review by Tara Johnson Barnes

First, We Kill All the LawyersFirst, We Kill All the Lawyers by Seelie Kay
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First We Kill All The Lawyers is Book One in The Donovan Trait Series by author Seelie Kay. Donovan Trait is a charismatic and drop-dead gorgeous lawyer that ladies fawn over and that everyone wants to be like. His charm and good looks, combined with his knowledge of the law has kept him winning cases in the court room for over three hundred years. A little seduction of judges and juries along the way has not hurt his court cases either and his appetite is insatiable both in and out of the courtroom.

Donovan Trait is unstoppable and untouchable, or so he thinks, until someone sets their sights on him and marks him for murder. Luckily for him, Vampires do not die. The problem is, after several hundred years he has finally met the love of his life who is a human. Shirley is a Judge that Donovan met during one of his cases who turns out to be a match for Donovan both in and out of the courtroom. She is beautiful, vivacious, and smart. However, she is merely mortal and marked for death. They now must battle for their lives as they are hunted like prey by an unknown killer whose motives are unbeknown to them. Donovan and his lady love must combine their skills and their knowledge to save their lives and catch the killer that has set their sights on them and marked them both for death.

First We Kill All The Lawyers had me on edge throughout as I became immersed in Donovan’s life. I felt his pain as he clung to life after several attempts on his life. I waited with bated breath to see if his lady love would survive the attempt on her life. I anxiously turned the pages to see if this man would find his happily ever after or if fate would intervene. I recommend this book and cannot wait to read more books in this series.


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