Her Blackened Soul (Blackened Series Book 1) by Isra Sravenheart – Review by Chasity Conger

Her Blackened Soul (The Blackened, #1)Her Blackened Soul by Isra Sravenheart
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Isra is a witch, but not just any witch. She’s a dark witch who wants to stay that way! Humans are a distration that she could live without, but she will help them when it suits her.
Kane is a “virtuous” knight wanting help with the ladies, but he doesn’t want to do the work himself. He seeks out Lady Isra to make his dreams come true, however Isra can see through his wicked heart and punishes him!
This is not your typical fairy tale story, but it does show that evil has it’s own sense of right and wrong. A new take on the evil witch and the morals of evilness

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