I’ll See You Again (Reigning Hearts, Book Four) AUDIO BOOK by KG Fletcher – Review by Bobbi Wagner

This is my first audio by this author and I was excited to pick it up. This is an author that I have read a ton of her books. This audio is just as great as her books. I enjoyed how the narrator brings the story to life. Her voice pulled me into the story from the start. They made me want to keep listening and wanting more. The characters are relatable and just brought the story to life. This is Nicky and Mac’s story. Nicky dreams of true love. Mac is a famous singer who is on the edge of stardom. Once he meets Nicky he is stricken with love instantly. What will happen when he invites her to his kickoff tour? When Nicky hits the headlines will it change things for them? This is a great romance audio that I highly recommend listening to.

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