Mariekkela: From Finland, with Love by Stuart Ledwith PhD – Review by Chrissy Spulak

Mariekkela: From Finland, with LoveMariekkela: From Finland, with Love by Stuart Ledwith
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was immediately drawn to this book as if it called my name. I experience vivid and very real dreams from time-to-time, so the simple involvement of dreaming grabbed me. The pull this book had on me did not stop once it was opened. The author writes with such an intimate style, I feel as though we were in the same room. Being interested in spirituality, dreams, and past lives, I simply devoured this book. Mariekkela: From Finland, with Love by Stuart Ledwith, PhD is an original, historical story that takes the reader back to 1939, in which Mariekkela’s Kari is killed by Russian soldiers. The book follows her life after the incident, and is a testament to undying, true love. The author also has a book titled The History of the Universe: As My Soul and I Remember, and I am definitely going to get my hands on that one to fall deeper into this author’s world and ideas. I appreciate a read that inspires me to consider new perspectives, or deepens and broadens an existing perspective, and if you have never read anything from this author before, this book is a five star choice.

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