Nightfall by TK Lawyer-Review by Amanda Kimble

NightfallNightfall by T.K. Lawyer
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5/5 Stars

Nightfall by TK Lawyer

This is the first book I’ve read by this author. Lawyer has found a new reader in me and I will be looking for others. Nightfall is such a great read.

Tamara finds, what she thinks is, a stray dog on her porch. Deciding to keep him as a pet and falls for the dog. She starts hearing a voice in her head that doesn’t belong to her. The quote I chose for Tamara is: “Josh, this is Ruben. He’s a very good old friend of mine, we used to work together. Actually, all three of us did. Ruben, Vee, and me. I haven’t seen this man in a year. And it’s been what, six months since you stopped talking to me?”

Josh is Tamara’s dog Nightfall, but he’s not a dog. He’s a wolf shifter. Tamara is his mate and now that he’s found her he won’t let her go. The jealous streak hits him like a freight train. The quote I chose for Josh is: “Today was absolutely miserable for me. I’m deeply in love with you, Tamara. You’re the one for me, the only one. Now that you’ve shared with me the reason you’ve been holding back, I can’t leave you—not until I give you a true chance to be with me. I know we’ll be happy together, because I’ll do anything to bring a smile to your face—anything Tamara.”

Highly recommended for Werewolf Romance lovers.

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