Out of the Box: Everlasting (Out of the Box Book 3): A Second Chance Romance Series by Jennifer Theriot – Review by Debi Kircher

Out of the Box Everlasting (Out of the Box, #3)Out of the Box Everlasting by Jennifer Theriot
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Out of the Box Everlasting (Out of the Box Book 3): A Second Chance Romance Series by Jennifer Theriot

I’m going with 5 stars because thats all im allowed, but this book is deserving of so many more.

I am completely Speechless…Finished this part of the series about 30 minutes ago and can not even function right now.

So much happened in this book and Im wore slap out, a better word would be ruined, or shattered, or shocked…I just don’t know…

I’m gonna try to write a review for this book, I will however not get into any of the storyline itself because first, there is too much, and second it would ruin the whole series if I did that. I mentioned in my last review that I feared many of the bonds in this book would be tested and I was doing a lot of praying… Well that praying never stopped throughout every page. I don’t know if I have ever been affected so drastically by words in a book, but when I say there were times it took my breath away I’m not even kidding, and when I say I couldn’t read some parts till I dried my eyes I’m not even kidding. I felt this story deep within me and I was constantly being derailed because I would think oh I know what is going to happen and then that which I thought would happen didn’t and I’d end up shaking my head because it would take a whole different course…A brilliant course!

I can’t even comment on the last quarter of this book…I’m just thankful that this author will never know what I was thinking or the names I may or may not have called her.

Simply Brilliant!!

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