Other People’s Money (The Madeline Dawkins Series Book 7) by Cynthia Hamilton – Review by Angela Shirley

Other People's Money (The Madeline Dawkins Series Book 7)Other People’s Money by Cynthia Hamilton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Madeline is off on another case when an old friend asks her and her team to help solve some missing monies within her husband’s company. So while the team investigates the missing bookkeeper, the case gets more and more stranger.

As Madeline runs into another case from a child who are worried regarding their father’s younger fiancée and wonder if she is all cracked up to be, but as her team delves into the case they are struggling to find any information on her, but strangely things are starting to cross over in all the cases and, Madeline is left wondering what is going on. Can she solve were the missing bookkeeper is, tackle the gold digger fiancée and understand how everything seems to lead back to single point.

I love this series and as this is the seventh book in the series, all the books can be read as stand alone stories, the author is really good at filling you in on some of the history of the main characters and you go, but if you have enjoyed this book I recommend you read the others as you will not be disappointed.

I love the way that Madeline, Mike and the team work together to solve the mysteries and that you feel like you become a Honorary member of the group. The story flows brilliant through the clues and conversations which you devour with enthusiasm and can’t wait to carry on to see the outcome.

Please keep writing more as I think I am totally addicted to them now and would miss to be part of the group. Thank you.

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