Shield & Shade (Ascended Guardians Book 1) by Misty Hayes – Review by Kayla Bullock

Shield & ShadeShield & Shade by Misty Hayes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Zoey, studious, with few friends, is desperate to graduate early, and escape the suffocating control of her parents. Overprotective after Zoey got lost in the woods at 5 years old, her family sees it as keeping her safe–including having a 7pm curfew at 15 years old! But when the truth is revealed about what really happened on that night 10 years ago, Zoey’s life is turned upside down.

Shield and Shade is a great story. The writing style is impressive and has a natural flow to it, and the descriptions, especially of the settings are perfect–I could visualize them easily. The characters are likeable, relatable, and realistic. The story drew me in from page 1. I was rooting for Zoey the entire story. Great writing! Will for sure be reading more from this author in the future! This book would make a great movie!

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