Bittersweep by Wareeze Woodson

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Bittersweep by Wareeze Woodson
Genre – Historical Western, Romance, mystery
Page Count – 288 pages
Arriving at the station in 1897, twenty-year-old Elizabeth Campbell steps off the train onto the wooden platform at Bittersweep, Texas. After Yellow fever ran rampant over the small community devastating families, hers included, she hoped never to see the place again. However, broke and in need of employment, she accepts a job as the new teacher. She dreads meeting a native of the town yet is thrilled by her chance to discover what really happened fifteen years earlier. Would her mother’s box still be hidden waiting for her to retrieve?
Standing in the middle of the road, memories of fifteen years ago roll over her drowning out every sound except the roar of the fire behind her. Trapped in the recollections of her five-year-old self and that dreadful time, she envisions peering over her shoulder at the smoke and flames billowing over the treetops behind the wagon. Wanting to cry, she lifts her chin and turns away from the horrifying scene. She must care for her baby sister now.
JP Honeycutt snatches her out of the path of a runaway team and wagon bearing down on her. He is the chairman of the schoolboard meeting the train to escort her to her lodgings. Wealthy, powerful, a man of strength and character, he takes a dim view of her actions. Deciding to give her a chance to prove herself, he loads her into his buckboard and takes her to the boardinghouse.
Will what they discover together bring the two together or forever tear the lovers apart?


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 I write under the name Wareeze Woodson. I took my mother’s pen name Wareeze for my own. She never had anything published so I thought I would carry her pen name forward. I write historical romance with a twist of suspense, Regency and Victorian mostly. I did tackle a historical western as well. I’m an avid reader and I love to write as well. I live near Houston, TX and enjoy my family. Thank God for grandchildren. If you like to read historical love stories with a flavoring of suspense, look for books by Wareeze Woodson and join me on a journey through the past with daring heroines and dashing heroes.

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