Death of a Coupon Queen (Sophie Parker Mystery Series) by Jenna Harte – Review by Wendy Wary

Death of a Coupon QueenDeath of a Coupon Queen by Jenna Harte
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sophie Parker finds herself caught in the middle of a mystery after discovering her coupon group friend murdered in her home. After initially being cleared of being a suspect in the murder, Sophie keeps getting dragged into the mystery through unfortunate circumstances she finds herself in, whether it’s her own curiosity or kindness to others. Despite her best efforts to stay out of trouble, Sophie finds herself caught up in unraveling the mystery as she encounters a variety of potential suspects and risks losing her jobs and possibly her life.

I loved the way the author weaved the story around the quirky characters and totally left me guessing the motive and the murderer until the very end. I found it to be an entertaining whodunit with a bit of sweetness and sass mixed in. Sophie getting unwittingly caught in the cross-hairs of trouble despite her best efforts to stay out of it, along with her kindness and resilience, made her the quiet kind of heroine that doesn’t need false bravado or rescuing; this is my favorite kind of strength in lead female characters. Read this one without having read the first book, so I’m kind of excited to read more about Sophie Parker and the other characters, and looking forward to reading subsequent titles in the series.

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