Omorrow (Ascenders #3) by C.L. Gaber – Review by Sheri Schrader

Omorrow (Ascenders #3)Omorrow by C.L. Gaber
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Ascenders: Omorrow by CL Gaber is the third book in the Ascenders Saga series. I was so excited to get to read because I enjoyed the first two books in the series. The story picks up where book two left off. This is a YA fantasy, adventure story. Walker Calllaghan and Daniel Reid are teens who have passed away and have found themselves living in the Midst. The two with several other teens have been sent on a mission to the living world of various decades to find the hidden writings of Albert Einstein. If they can accomplish this task without being killed and erased from all time the treasure will change life for the living and the dead.
The characters are fun and everyone has a purpose in the story. There are popular kids, the geeks, the misfits, and more. This is a great reminder that someone might not fit in but they have a place and a function in society. Walker is strong, independent and coming into her own as the books progress. She has found her strength and become a strong leader. Daniel is strong and the silent one. He is the unspoken guardian to his siblings who passed away with him in an accident. Also, there are many others in on this challenge. I enjoy the references to history and cultural/historical figures that pop up in the Midst. Gaber gives enough of a description so you know who the reference is even without the full name. I look forward to reading more of CL Gaber’s books in the future.

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