Sign Steal Deliver (Gods of Thunder MC) by Carrie Pulkinen – Review by Jennifer Gordon

Sign Steal Deliver (Gods of Thunder MC)Sign Steal Deliver by Carrie Pulkinen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I thoroughly enjoyed this quirky, funny paranormal romantic comedy inspired by the Greek Gods. As usual Pulkinen delivers an original romance with great characters and a unique storyline in a wonderful setting. She also provides the readers with plenty of romance, some steamy scenes and laugh out loud moments, with some drama and twists along the way to keep you hooked and happily turning the pages. Hermes the God of thieves meets and falls in love with Calico shifter and ex thief Kat Gataki whilst he’s on holiday, having a trip to Mardi Gras. Kat has a plan to steal the key to the underworld so she can apologise to her deceased sister, but this means stealing the key from Hermes. “No one steals from the god of thieves” at least that’s what Hermes thought before meeting Kat who stole not only the key but also his heart. Hermes then has only twelve hours to find the love of his life or they will both be spending eternity in the underworld. This novel had me hooked from start to finish and I loved it, it was an exciting and engaging read.

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