The Third Nanny (Secrets of Redemption) by Michele PW (Pariza Wacek)

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The Third Nanny (Secrets of Redemption) by Michele PW (Pariza Wacek)
Genre – psychological thriller, domestic thriller, psychological suspense
Janey hadn’t heard from her sister Kelly since she ran away from home eight years ago.
Until the day the letter arrived.
A disturbing letter.
But before Janey could make contact, Kelly disappeared again. And the only clue they had to work with was in Redemption, Wisconsin, where Kelly had worked as a nanny.
So, Janey decided to follow in her sister’s footsteps … by taking over her job.
The family has secrets, and the more Janey digs, the more twisted the story becomes.
And the more Janey realizes she might be the next to disappear.


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When Michele was 3 years old, she taught herself to read because she wanted to write stories so badly. It took some time (and some detours) but now she does spend much of her time writing stories: mainly psychological thrillers, domestic thrillers, mysteries and romantic suspense novels (and sometimes mixing all three genres into one book!). If that wasn’t enough, she also hosts a virtual book club you can check out and join (for free!) at

Michele holds a double major in English and Communications from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Currently she lives in the mountains of Prescott, Arizona with her husband Paul and southern squirrel hunter Cassie.




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