Awakening the Gods (Rise of the Celtic Gods #1)Awakening the Gods by Kristin Gleeson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I give Awakening the Gods: A Celtic Urban Fantasy (Rise of the Celtic Gods Book 1) by Kristin Gleeson, 5 stars.

This is an incredible tale of Irish urban fantasy. The traditional music Ireland is known for, along with Irish mythology, is really the core of a story woven so intricately, I felt myself pulled in immediately. It was written by an Irish author, so it took a minute for my non-Irish brain to get used to the terminologies and style. But once I did, I was fascinated. It is just so, so good. Being Irish at heart, I knew some of the gods mentioned in this story, but I love how this book focuses on ones I don’t often read about.

The author does a fantastic job of weaving the two worlds in, building things up slowly. Their love of the traditional Irish music is very apparent too. This adds even more fun and depth to the story. I cannot forget the characters either, which really completes this tale. Saoirse and Smithy are the focus here, and the romance between them adds yet another level. But there are so many secondary characters in here, and it still isn’t too many. I really hope we see more of them in future books.

If you like modern fantasy set in Ireland, this book is for you.

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