Boy on Hold by JD Spero – Review by Jess Engel

Boy on HoldBoy on Hold by J.D. Spero
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Boy On Hold by JD Spero is a suspenseful, engaging story that reels you in from the beginning.

Spero writes the story from multiple points of view and carefully crafts this mystery. The characters are well-developed throughout the book and you can’t help but endear yourself to most of them. The reader immediately finds themself engulfed in a mystery witnessed by small little Hen (who sees monsters come the crime against a beloved neighbor and friend) and it all unravels from there. Could it be his brother, his brother’s best friend, or someone else entirely? Spero’s storytelling is excellent. The development of the mystery with special attention to the characters and shedding light on mental illness make this must-read. It will have you turning the page to the very end.

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