Finding It All (Finding Happiness In Harmony Book 1) by Stacey Komosinski – Review by Betsy Melano

Finding It All (Finding Happiness In Harmony Book 1)Finding It All by Stacey Komosinski
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Finding It All by Stacey Komosinski is the first book in the Finding Happiness in Harmony series. The story is about Chloe and Chris.

Chloe grew up on a small town and experienced some bullying because she was different. She never really felt like she belonged in that town. She moved away for college and found met new friends Gaby & Jess who soon became lifelong friends. After college the three of them decided to live together in Texas. Gaby is the chatty outgoing girl and Jess is the sarcastic one. The girls seem to get along well and have a routine down that keeps them busy but active.

Chloe is a news reporter who also dabbles in writing fictional stories hoping someday to go back to school for literature. She meets Chris, a local high school principal, when she needed to interview him for an assignment about the local school district and all the changes they have made to the buildings and curriculum. Both Chloe and Chris seem to be interested in each other but keep the meeting professional. But soon after the meeting, Chris emails Chloe and asks her out. Is this the beginning of something great for Chloe? I’ll let to read it for yourself.

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