Hazard in Hawaii (A Doctor Danger Mystery Book 1) by Heather Silvio – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur.

Hazard in Hawaii (A Doctor Danger Mystery Book 1)Hazard in Hawaii by Heather Silvio
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Sarah Danger is an assistant investigator while also working towards her doctorate in comparative mythology and counselling, she enjoys all the parts of her life, however, this trip to Hawai’i with her boss to investigate his latest case is a once in a lifetime opportunity, although the reason they are investigating is less than happy. The client who has hired them has asked them to investigate a mysterious illness which is currently affecting one of their family members, it is an illness which causes the affected person to have a progressive nausea, a headache, a fever which cannot be treated and which raises until the person’s organs fail and someone has already perished.

As they prepare to arrive in Hawai’i, Sarah’s boss asks her to come up with a plan for when they land, she decides to conduct the interviews with the patient and their family members first, followed by the doctor treating them and finally the family of the person who died, they agree that it is the best course of action before going for a meal and settling in so that they can get an early start the next day. As the investigation progresses, Sarah has to call on her clairempathy during the interview to try and find out about the emotions the interviewee is feeling and how it corresponds with the answers they were giving, however, things don’t quite go as planned when one of the team ends up in hospital and another has to be brought in and Sarah is thrust into a leadership role she is not sure she is comfortable with.

As more information is found and more cases are found, a pattern emerges and t is looking more likely to be a supernatural rather than a biological nature, this is where Sarah’s expertise really comes to the fore as she researches into the new possibilities with her team. Will they be able to figure out who and what is behind the mysterious illness and how they can remedy it before those affected succumb to its affects? This is a cozy mystery with a supernatural element, which will draw you in and keep you reading through the twists and turns until the conclusion.

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