HOLD ME FOREVER (HERON HARBOR Book 3) by LEA NOLAN – Review by Robin Rankin

Hold Me ForeverHold Me Forever by Lea Nolan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Hold Me Forever (Heron Harbor Book 3) by Lea Nolan

I loved this book.  Lark with her quirky artist vibe and Hunter with his straight laced Chief of Police persona just really did something for me.

I have not had the pleasure of reading the first two books but I will be fixing that soon.  It’s not necessary to read them first but I always love going back when I can to find out a series began and learn the cast of characters from the beginning and see them develop and evolve as the series progresses.

Lark spoke to me for some reason, we aren’t close in age and I’m not a holistic artist but I fell in love with her.

I loved so many things about this story that I can’t pick one.  The rehearsal dinner, the morning of the wedding and Lark’s drive onto the island are probably top three.

Ms. Nolan is a new to me author but aside from the first two of this series I will be looking at her other titles.

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