Repair (Rescue Me Book 1) by Trish Williford – Review by Angela Shirley

RepairRepair by Trish Williford
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Charlie had a the perfect life, a great career and loving boyfriend but it all comes crashing down with a secret and now she has nothing and is destine to go back to the childhood town which she promised herself she would never go back.

Charlie had it all her career as a trauma nurse and a handsome fiancé, with he wedding not far away life is good, but that all comes crashing down when a knock on the door and in walks her fiancé mistress but there is more when she announces she is pregnant.

Charlie is devastated and feels cheated in both her life and her career, but she then needs to find somewhere to re-evaluate her life and decided to go back to her roots the only problem is she convinced herself she would never go back but things change.

Tank is going about his busy when in she walks, the girl who left eight years ago but there was always a chemistry between them the only problem she was out of bounds being his best friends sister, but now they are older maybe there is a chance that they can become friends again.

I loved this story, this is the first book I have read by this author and the well developed characters and tense from the first word was thrilling and engaging with each chapter. It was great to see both of the main characters grow through the book and see each other through different eyes. This was a brilliant love story and I was willing these two characters together in the end.

I can’t wait to read more stories by this wonderful author.

Reviewed by Angela Shirley

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