Potager Plot (A Backyard Farming Series Book 5) by Vikki Walton – Review by Lorrene Huisman

Potager Plot (A Backyard Farming Series, #5)Potager Plot by Vikki Walton
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I picked this book up, as first off all the cover of the book was very bright and caught my eyes. Then I saw it was a mystery regarding around gardening. I am a die hard gardener, and I love my cozy mysteries to read, so needless to say, I had to read this! I am so glad I did, and I really enjoyed this new author for me and novel! It was mystery with so many perks, it was a joy from beginning to end!

This novel starts off as atypical group just doing their usual. Anne is the lead character in this novel and is helping out with her garden club and talking to a specific member (the head of the club basically) Something was off about her though, Anne put off oh its an off day sort of thing, but was there more than meets the eye? How well did she really know the members of her garden club?

Day continues on, and basically shock time…the member is murdered in the most unusual way. It was not her health that did it, it was defiantly a murder. Major question was though was why? And what was the motive? Was this not just a garden club of women who all had shared interests? What skeletons are in these closets of this club? What would Anne find out if she went digging? How far would she have to dig?

I loved how the author wrote this story. It was a very easy read and fast paced. I wont lie I was quite invested in this group, due to my love of gardening and planting and taking care of my crops. Those things that got mentioned as I read was really awesome, it still pertained to the story, but also made the book what it was. Which was super fun to read and awesome read!

As I read on I learned rather quick that these members may very well have had something to hide…there were things unknown and things they or should I say all a certain someone wanted left unknow and not to be dug up. Sometimes what you bury will reach the surface though. If you dig enough, and the person did not bury deep enough, you might very well have something resurface you did not expect it.

Things flowed though more, and Anne has her relationship she had going really become more. And Anne was a great character, I really loved her and seeing her take charge in this mystery and her love life was great to see. It had its quirkiness and the feeling of dying to know what would happen. This garden had a lot to dig up, and once you did all made sense and tied together! It was a great read, I really enjoyed it!

This was a first time author for me, but I had a lot of fun and I defiantly will be recommending this novel to my fellow book worms, my garden friends, and those who are a bit of both. The writing was very well done and everything came together, and it was a quick fun read. I defiantly will be reading more by this wonderful author, so happy I discovered them! This is a treat I wouldn’t have had wanted to miss!

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