Repair (Rescue Me Book 1) by Trish Williford – Review by Bethany Rollins

Repair (Rescue Me #1; The Everyday Heroes World)Repair by Trish Williford
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I enjoyed the story Repair, Rescue Me Book 1 by Trish Williford. The chapters go between the point of view of Charlie and Tank, destined to be together but too many obstacles interfere with their happily ever after. We begin with an early encounter between the two and jump years ahead to where the repair to their strife needs to occur. This is a sweet story of love and finding out who you are meant to be with. He characters were all relatable and fun to get to know. I was able to read this in a matter of hours and always appreciate a quick read with characters that you come to love. The end leaves us with a tease of the 2nd installment that I am definitely going to read.

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