Repair (Rescue Me Book 1) by Trish Williford- Review by Lauren West

RepairRepair by Trish Williford
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Once I started “Repair” I could not put it down! My first read by Trish Williford and the way she told this story made me hungry for more! Tank and Charlie’s love story started from childhood as Tank was her brothers best friend. One drunken night leads to a misunderstanding that causes Charlies to leave town , and them to part for 8 years.
When Charlie’s life begins to unravel after her fiancée’s betrayal she returns to her hometown and in an essence Tank. From there we experience the love that could have been and the pull between the 2. We get to experience the growth and development of both characters, and the undeniable chemistry that never disappeared. Thank you for this story Ms. Williford! I will be reading it again.

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